When will you marry?

September at this now! marriages everywhere, I know here, in Indonesia especially Javanese culture wedding day is settled by unique of calculation, some range of dates they called “Jumadil akhir, Rajab, Ruwah” and “Besar” as it is now. But today I gonna talk about my plan how to get there. Damn, at my age people keep talking, ask again and again, “When will you marry?”, it’s not bored question but I have no specific answer for that. For the time being I want to settle down at 28, the problem is, right now I don’t have any candidate who is to be my wife.

But first let me tell story in the past. When I was 17 maybe marriage is beyond the time, like it never come. My first girlfriend is 1 year older, it’s embarrassing but sometimes we role-play as husband and wife, fantasized about how easy in future, we live together, hold the hand, flirting, get laid, have babies, grow old and die hugging like a bed time story. Time goes by and now I have no one. Well yes I’m single and marriage beyond the time feel real to me. Here the thing, I’m well-prepared type of person although everything got messy in the end, still I’d love setup anything before the explosion, bullet-prof vest, helmet, shield and gun, a big gun.

I have some requirements before the settle day. First condition, at least my age over than 25, well now I’m 25 and want to marry at 28, first requirement is met. Second, I have stable job, still working on in, looking for experiences from one occupation to another. Third, I should smart enough and have a high knowledge, wait why this is matter?, first I know marriage life would take up my time to experiment and learning especially in computer programming which is my expertise, so with no regret I will marry when I mastered Java and PHP with my choice of frameworks. Fourth, I know how to fix things at home such as electricity, bike, leaking tile or pipe. In many cases of course that would be need some experts, but I’m not spoiled with simple problem. Fifth, I should become a good listener, when people discuss and insist to stick with their argument then take a lot of time to make a decision just because they keep talking and never listen, I don’t want to be that person in my marriage life.

Sixth, gain weight up to 60kg, this requirement has nothing to do with marriage but behind the goal is I’m able to organize my life, more care about my rest time, do exercise, pick good food and manage my daily activity. Seventh, have basic skill of cooking, well it’s handy when you interesting about being independent husband while you need take care yourself alone without your spouse or even more, you need to take care of her. Eighth, become religious and patient, have you ever been angry with God? well, I often lose faith in God, but I know there is no place when everything bad happen in my life, happen for purpose and make me back for Him. Then I try to love and be loved by my Creator first before others.

Ninth, I should have a mature mind and mental to be a son, husband, friend, and father, this is matter. At this age, I feel like a 18 years old boy with his mindset, irresponsible, ignorance, playing around and childish. I don’t want to think like old man, but I’ll be wise like old man. That’s it, all my requirements before settle day of my marriage, it should be long journey but I’m still working on it to be accomplished in 3 years ahead. So, when will you marry? well, after those requirements are met you’ll see, save the date of my invitation in the future, you don’t wanna miss it, when I introduce my spouse to you rite? wish me luck.

Gresik, after office hour in saturday
September 2017 @anggadarkprince

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