The circle

I updated my following list yesterday, and I will do frequently and often. People changing toward trends and situation in their life, good things and enviable moment is the most reason to make it to the social media. People should know their existence, affirm their happiness, show what they are capable of doing. I admit that we can’t help our self to post it and make it online, but as a follower now I’m feeling disturbed by their status and photos, so I block them all, hmm in right way, I stop following them, keep my Feed healthy again.

At this age, I feel more introverted, instead other people ignoring their privacy and post anything every second, every day. I even know what they eat, when they sleep, where they work, from stupid blank photo until a girl captured half-naked her boyfriend when they are communicating via video call. The bad news is that was posted by my friend. I don’t teach people to be more careful, but some people did not catch up what do you really chase.

Following in social media doesn’t mean we’re making a friend relationship. Maybe I’m just bit curious for a moment. Next time if you isn’t cool anymore, I unfollow you, no hard feeling, it’s me, what do you expect?

Sometime I wonder, what they are really thinking, capture private text from their girlfriend or boyfriend but the photo full of censor. I fail to understand the picture because less information left on it. If it’s your privacy then don’t publish it, I don’t even care, I think other people as well. Deliver message in good way, organize the content, read again, check again as if you are the follower, are they okay with that? keep in mind, your followers don’t have the same point of view, they only absorb what they look or read just as simple as that. Don’t expect they know full story about your text, unless you uncensored the rest of course.

Keep your circle small, if you follow many people, I bet it that your interaction with them less that 5% rite?. You may miss your friend moment, you even do not care anymore with them and your feed feels boring, if it is, then you should check your following list again. Unfollowing does not mean turn them become your enemy, it just mechanism of a software that you could stop of subscribing their post in social media. It’s nothing than your feeling about your friend, real friend in your real world. Once again, unfollow and block are feature of software, it’s handy and useful.

Gresik, shady day in the morning
August 2017

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